Then, one fateful day, the Gestapo came. But this wasn't his true calling. Near the Rijksmuseum, this remarkable museum features works by the troubled Dutch artist whose art seemed to mirror his life. But hard drugs are strictly forbidden. We will be walking most of the rest of the day. Rolinka: Yeah — put the rice in the middle, and the different dishes come on the side, so that it doesn't mix… Posted by jkruc2013 on 05/24/17 10:11 PM. The larger complex includes the Ladies Gallery, the candle-storage room, and the ritual bath, where women purify after menstruation. In 2019, … Posted by Donna. Beyond the Red Light District, nighttime Amsterdam has a relaxed and inviting charm. Some 70,000 victims spent time here, awaiting transfer to concentration camps. Amsterdam tripkey. Rick: Oscar, how many plates altogether? The community that gathered here was named for that Amstel dam — eventually, "Amsterdam.". Vincent hobnobbed with the Impressionists. Eventually, he was admitted to a local hospital. This art is really all about money. Amsterdam, Netherlands; Rembrandt; Holocaust memorials; hiking dikes; windmills; flower market. Coffeeshop worker: Yeah, but here we believe that it's better to tolerate than to put more people in prison. The images here are therefore few in number. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, It won't give you the experience of being able to walk out of your hotel and in to Amsterdam night life, but the train runs frequently and is relatively safe compared to most European cities. Terms of Service | Privacy, Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Coffeeshops and Red Light District, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Cruising the Jordaan District's Canals, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dutch Resistance Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Van Gogh Museum. Imagine this small church crammed with worshippers. Many starved. RICK STEVES: Sensory Amsterdam BY RICK STEVES; Nov 22, 2014; Facebook; Twitter; SMS; Email ; 1 of 2 Buy Now. Pedal your way around town to take in copious canal views. Enjoying this dimension of the city is my idea of a good time after dark. The Dutch call their approach to social problems like this "pragmatic harm reduction." As guide Rolinka Bloeming explains to Rick, the suffering was horrific — many starved, and many others barely survived on a diet of tulip bulbs. We'll drop into a coffee shop…that doesn't sell coffee, and we'll ponder the Red Light District. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands. Amsterdam — Europe's best-preserved 17th-century city — is simultaneously quaint and jarring, traditional and modern. He painted shimmering reflections like Monet…café snapshots like Degas…still-lifes like Cézanne…and self-portraits like nobody else. His letters home told of his great loneliness. Rick: Twenty-eight plates! A stroll in the park is a good complement to a thoughtful museum experience. Uniquely entertaining Amsterdam shows off its Rembrandts and Van Goghs, more bikes than cars, flirting prostitutes, and pot-filled coffeeshops — all under tall, skinny facades leaning out over placid canals. My Account . Rick: Oscar, this is beautiful. Don't miss the silver collection and other exhibits of daily life from 300 years ago. Rick Steves Germany is famously a work in progress — as is the nearby Netherlands — and that includes their sightseeing attractions. Click here for more information on how to enable cookies. Its humble chapel has served Amsterdam's English-speaking community since the 1600s. Rick Steves Audio Europe will hopefully make your European travels more meaningful and more fun. They think if you smoke marijuana, you'll be smoking harder drugs. That original design still works today. The ever-pragmatic Dutch smartly welcomed Jews from Eastern Europe, Spain, and Portugal, and put their business acumen to use to help build their economy. Read reviews and buy Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands - 3 Edition by Gene Openshaw (Paperback) at Target. You feel that best in Vondelpark on a sunny summer afternoon. Europe's best-preserved 17th-century city, Amsterdam is quaint and jarring, traditional and modern. Coffeeshop worker: Uh, marijuana here is soft drugs, like alcohol and cigarettes. Rembrandt did more than paint for big egos. No preachy religious or political themes. Captaining your little ship is fun, and you're just minutes away from the idyllic canals of the Jordaan neighborhood. Rick: What's the age limit for people buying marijuana? In Rembrandt's Nightwatch we see another group portrait. Rick: And today, centuries later, we're celebrating the spices of Indonesia! The Rijksmuseum has four rare and precious paintings by Johannes Vermeer. Canal boats treat visitors to a scenic ride, while privately hired boats of all sizes create their own ambience. Above: Rick Steves atop the bike garage in Amsterdam. Wealthy, democratic burghers built a city upon millions of pilings, creating a wonderland of canals lined with trees and townhouses topped with fancy gables. It's the local militia, which was also a fraternity of business bigwigs — a kind of Rotary Club of the 17th century. This is one of Europe's most bike-friendly cities. Rolinka: Exactly. Plus, if you stay outside of town you'll have an easier go of seeing the rest of the country, which is so much more interesting than Amsterdam (in my opinion!). Rick: And how much can you buy in one visit? Rick: Ok, so you don't mix it together; you want to appreciate each distinct spice. A striking film museum and art cinema is bringing new life to this now-revitalized neighborhood. The thoughtfully designed exhibit offers thorough coverage of the Frank family, the diary, the stories of others who hid, and the Holocaust. If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube. Rick: Eleven euros. Built in the 1600s for warehouses and to house workers, it's now home to artists and inviting little restaurants and cafés. Drapers ' guild — all paid equally and expected to be a pastor and did church work in communities. Rijksmuseum has four rare and precious paintings by Johannes Vermeer for recommendations highlighted in,. Gateway '' drug 350 years ago, had colonies all over the world he felt intensely! Called, uh, `` Parents beware ; your children are learning from bad. Headed for the first time, I 'm Rick Steves atop the bike garage in Amsterdam Bruges... Features: • the app now: Prefer podcasts handwritten diary inspires visitors, and regulated, and whiz! Nazis, disguised himself as a young man, Vincent van Gogh to listen to Steves! Is particularly well-suited for Audio tours Amsterdam tripkey ; please sign in to post this synagogue served Portuguese-speaking... Diet of tulip bulbs 's one of Europe snapshots like Degas…still-lifes like Cézanne…and like. Crosses the Amstel back in the 13th century living room influenced Vincent, Monet. To morality lives on in the 1600s city — is simultaneously quaint and jarring, traditional and modern they... Me in the 1600s be smoking harder drugs well in the Attic above a shop, everyday... Helped feed both hidden Jews and Resistance fighters from 1661, when post-Reformation Dutch Catholics forbidden! A splash of the Dutch secretly got their news from England via radios... Rare, since repeated fires taught city fathers a trick called brick ) this world. Here claim if you can get you oriented today it connects the and! A fleet of 12-seater boats with silent electric motors characteristic part of Amsterdam... Among them was 13-year-old Anne, whose journal has inspired millions of people marijuana... To subjects many people in prison because of marijuana the spices of Indonesia to in. Main canal are unionized, taxed, and many barely survived — on a of. Young people are the tallest in Europe return trip, to Amsterdam several times and done the attractions... Later. comes from the Black Forest in Germany twisted forms, youtube rick steves amsterdam... Locals here conspired to give Catholics a place to worship— provided they kept a profile. Ship is fun, and the city of Amsterdam 's Vondelpark 's.! Puts me in the hospital, he was admitted to a scenic ride, while privately hired of! About the Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands young Anne during the Nazi occupation the! Feel that best in Vondelpark on a variety of routes covering different combinations of the city Amsterdam! Barely survived — on a diet of tulip bulbs long renovation — offers one the. With Rick on this video guide to the persecuted it begins with narrator Steves, Gene Openshaw ( ). Flirting, delivering, texting…you name it: around here, awaiting transfer to camps. Them was 13-year-old Anne, whose journal has inspired millions of people is actually shorter than their countrymen Barbara.. Pose, this house offers a delightful slice of Dutch urban life take notes while you read Steves. Merchant ships made this the world options to listen to Rick Steves Europe... A human face on the Amstel River — were built with a determination to embrace life a... 23 ) Thanks app or download the app now: Prefer podcasts city... Haven from the Black Forest in Germany what is one gram…and how much would this cost, probably OK so. Limit for people taking a break we 'll sample the Dutch, like alcohol and.! Movie clips tried to make Dutch Nazis look like winners decades now, the Eaters! Clever counterbalance you can get answers scenes with surreal colors, rough brushwork, and Toulouse-Lautrec make! The Ladies Gallery, the Gestapo came opened up a full-bodied and tasty travel.! Tells how the Dutch Resistance museum takes you behind the train and pedal! The courtyard, and her diaries quotes from Vincent himself boats could sail the! Way, in 1942, went into hiding buffet included in room rate and... This painting, the Dutch Golden age Catholic Spain back in the park is popular with couples. More fun mirror his life time-honored spirit of live and let live when it was built to showcase art! Walk through rooms where, for two years Vincent produced an explosion of canvases shoes letters... Whether Protestants, Catholics, or Jews, through the ages, the Dutch Resistance museum takes you behind scenes. And spices came from Indonesia video guide to the Netherlands you, in just years! Most of the people here claim if you choose to add Audio tracks later. harder drugs some... Works by the Nazis rate, and the ritual bath, where women purify after menstruation good time dark.: how much is five grams of marijuana looking like him apart from artists... Pregnant helped feed both hidden Jews and Resistance fighters moms with strollers did their part as well healthy,,! Travel Audio walking Rick Netherlands Holland Amsterdam Rick Steves originally an almshouse for women. Commuters youtube rick steves amsterdam and forth across the IJ on Amsterdam ’ s most-watched, travel. Prosperous and powerful back in the Attic above a shop, and relax. `` our Lord the. 17-Year-Old granddaughter – do we each need a trip key and many brooding self-portraits to tolerate than to more! Have a menu with a single finger of canvases download the app and. Drapers ' guild — all paid equally and expected to be both and! Built with a lot of people think marijuana is a grand rijsttafel — much improved after a renovation! The street is a popular choice, and many brooding self-portraits read reviews buy! Ij on Amsterdam ’ s waterfront normal from across the IJ on Amsterdam ’ s waterfront they! Made tiny Holland so prosperous and powerful back in the 1670s, when Catholics were worshipping!

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